Contracted Services

Are you currently using various software programs trying to get one integrated Information System? Many operators today have gone backwards when it comes to Information systems. When we first started marketing our System over 30 years ago most operators were using a generic low cost bookkeeping system, a couple of Lotus spreadsheets, an outside payroll company, a custom program to link the POS system to the back office and used an Accountant that had no idea how to break out Food Cost and handle Restaurant Inventories. Sound familiar? Well maybe we can help.

Fusion System Solutions can provide you a totally integrated System. Providing you with daily reporting and weekly financial statements without entering weekly journals and maintaining multiple software packages. You can maintain the System or have our Company do it for you. We can offer you a top to bottom analysis of your operations and then structure your unique operation within our F.S.M.S. enterprise system. If you are a single restaurant entrepreneur or a multi-unit operator our enterprise System can be tailored to handle your specific needs. Let Fusion System Solutions consulting with over 30 Years of Restaurant experience provide you with a low cost, structured approach to take you from a good operator to a great operator.

Options Available:

* Financial Statement Review and Customization
* Daily Sales Reporting and Setup
* Vendor and Product Setup
* Accounts Payable Entry and Check Generation
* Inventory
* Menu Analysis and Reporting
* POS Integration
* Customer Setup and Statements
* Payroll Scheduling and Processing
* Automated Procedures Setup