System Features  


  •  Level down structure allows a single master record, entered at the top Level to be shared by all Levels below. (ie: 1 Chart of Accounts, 1 Product file, 1 Vendor file, 1 Daily Sales sheet, etc.)


  • Structure allows for Corporate, Regional, District, Unit and Franchise Leveling.


  • Event scheduler to run unattended imports and exports automatically.


  • Report Writer to design your own reports.



 General Ledger 


  •  Automatic Consolidated Financial Statements just by moving within the      Levels.


  •  On-screen Financial Statement drill-down from the Account level to the Journal level and then to the Detail level (Invoices and Daily Sales).


  •  Ability to spread a Journal entry to multiple Levels and Recurring Journals.


  •  Ability to lock a financial period at the Store Level that is still open at the  Corporate Level.


  •  Unlimited Financial Statement designs.


  •  Cash Account reconciliation panel.


  •  Budgeting


  • Cash Flow Statements




     Accounts Payable


  •  Import Invoices from your Vendors


  •  Spread Invoices to multiple Levels either by G/L Account or  Product.


  •  Select Invoices to pay by multiple criteria.


  •  Vendor Historical Inquiry for quick look up of Invoice G/L impact and Check information.


  •  Inter-company transfers of Products between Stores with automatic updating   to Inventory and General Ledger. 


  •  Payment Consolidation between Levels or multiple restaurants.



    Daily Sales


  •  Format your current Daily Cash Sheet with automatic posting to the General Ledger.


  •  Ability to automatically import your POS system data to any lines you choose.


  •  Link the daily Deposit Log to the Deposit line.


  •  Ability to post Customer Charges and Payments from the Daily Cash sheet.


  •  Update Gift certificate and Credit Card batches.




   Product and Menu Analysis


  •  Recipe Engineering.


  •  Theoretical vs Actual reporting.


  •  Ability to create Specific Measures unique to only one Product.


  •  Master Inventory Items linked to multiple Vendor Products.


  •  Inventory updates posted to the General Ledger. 





  •  Poll POS employee time punch data directly into our TimeWare system for daily reporting and time card entry for Payroll processing.


  •  Post Payroll data to the General Ledger on a daily basis for more accurate Financial Statements.


  •  Unlimited user-defined tax and deduction formulas.


  •  Federal and State Magnetic Media quarterly reporting.


  •  Generate W2’s and Magnetic Media for year-end reporting.


  •  Direct Deposit of Employee Paychecks.


  • Unlimited Payroll History.





  •  Graphical daily labor scheduling or use grid to schedule by the week.


  •  Copy schedule masters to any new weekly schedule.


  •  Integrated to our Payroll System or data can be exported to an outside Service.


  •  On-line time clock for immediate database updates.


  •  User defined punch restrictions at the time clock.


  •  Capture Tips and Sales data at the time clock.