Whats' New


Payroll Direct Deposit will be available December 1, 2011. Call ahead if you would like to add this enhancement to your Payroll module.


W2 Information - We will not be supporting W2 printing on dot matrix printers this year for our DOS customers. Please order your W2 forms from Safeguard at 1-800-432-7701 Ext 304. W2's have changed and you will need an update from us for your laser printer.


NRA 2013 - We look forward to seeing you at the show.


FSMS Ver 6.0 Windows - Upgrades from the DOS version are available. If you want to upgrade around the first of the year try to schedule it early. This is traditionally a very busy time of the year for upgrades.


2013 Updated Federal Tax Withholding Tables - Click here to download PDF file.